Martin Grant / Computer Programmer

Hello. I'm Martin, a computer programmer from Glasgow, Scotland.
I am currently studying Computing Science MSc at the University of Glasgow.
I recently finished an internship as an iOS Developer at MindMate.
You can see my background and experience listed below and can download my CV here. Have a look at my portfolio of work here.


Computing Science MSc

University of Glasgow / 2015 - Present


2.1 Computer Games Technology BSc (Hons)

University of the West of Scotland / 2011 - 2015


MindMate - iOS Developer Intern / June - August 2015

Worked on the MindMate iOS app to improve and polish the range of games to improve their playability and accessibility for users, who suffer from Dementia and Alzheimer’s. During my time here the app reached #2 in the Health category on the App Store.


Tick Tock Games - Junior Programmer Intern / July - August 2014

Assisted the senior programming team, and responsible for preparing a previously released game for launch on a new platform. Contributed to game projects released across Android, iOS, OS X and PC.


Enable Scotland - Game Development Consultant / July - August 2013

Assisted running a summer workshop giving young people with learning disabilities a taster in game development. I developed a working implementation of their game design which was shown at a launch night where national charities attended. The project was featured in national press.



C++ C C# Java Swift
HTML Javascript CSS Python GLSL


Android iOS Git Monogame Unreal Engine 4
OpenGL SDL Django GameMaker Construct 2


Honourable mention for the 2014 Develop 30 Under 30 list.


Winner of 2013 UWS Windows 8 game jam, sponsored by Microsoft with Unicorn Space Command. Publihsed on Windows Store and Google Play.


Court Medal for Most Distinguished Student 2011-2012 for my Computer Games Technology degree at UWS.