PS3 Cell Image Region of Interest Detector Group Project

Cell Image Processing

Project Description

I worked in a small group to create a image region of interest detector, using the multi-core PS3 Cell processor. The program takes in target images, applys a sobel filter to enhance edges within the image and remove background noise. It will then parse the image looking for areas that are likely to be objects (cancer cells, in this project) and draw a border around them. We also developed a simple image viewer for the output images. The program was developed to work across a couple Cell cores, so it has some parallel processing capabiltities for fast and efficient processing. We used an interesting file loading technique called memory mapping, as we want to try to get the program running as fast as possible.



  • Region detection and highlighting
  • Memory mapped file loading
  • Image viewer program


  • C
  • C++
  • PS3 Cell SDK
  • SDL