Global Game Jam 2014 Group Project

Project Description

This is an entry to the Global Game Jam 2014 that I was part of. I was in a group with a few other programmers and an artist. We had to develop a brand new game from scratch in 48 hours. We wanted a challenge so we decided to learn a brand new language and framework as well. We created How To Rule The World In 3 Minutes, a local multiplayer action platformer. We came up with a design in a couple hours and even made a paper prototype. It is quite a basic but fun game. The challenge is to capture towers and turn them to your colour, while trying to stop other players getting towers. There are some power ups to help you, and you can push players off platforms. There are three 1 minute rounds and the person with the most points at the end wins. We showed the game off at the end of the jam, and at another meetup event a week after the jam.

After the jam I decided to rewrite the game in C++ using SDL to make it cross platform. I got to the point of being able to run most of the game on OS X and iOS but have not finished this port but hopefully will when I have some time to revisit it.


  • Game design
  • Screen management
  • User input
  • Audio


  • C#
  • Monogame