Kanshi City Hobby Project

Project Description

Kanshi City is a continued development of an initial prototype for a game idea I had in 2017. It came from visiting Japan a few years ago and thinking about a game which would let someone explore the sprawling urban maze that is Tokyo. The game is currently unfinished but served as a great tool for learning and exploring the capabilities of Unreal Engine 4. I also gained some experience using Blender as my partner and I created all of the content so far in the game (except for the Unreal player model). The game is about trying to escape a dystopian city while avoiding guards who are looking for you as the player. We took the game to the Resonate 2017 games festival at the SEC in Glasgow where we had lots of people try the game out and give us feedback and we were featured on a few websites and in a national newspaper.


  • Unreal Engine 4
  • Blender