Mobile Pressure Input Group Project

Project Description

I worked in a group to develop a novel input method for mobile devices. We used prototype pressure sensors attached to a smartphone to try to create a new way of typing on a phone. Rather than pressing a key to change the keyboard layout (to symbols and numbers etc), the user just has to squeeze the phone to get capital letters, again for numbers, and squeeze again to get symbols. The phone vibrates when they change to a different layout. Letting go puts them back to the original layout (lowercase letters). We developed a test application and used it to conduct a user survey and found in some situations, typing particular sets of data that users could input faster and with less annoyance.


  • Interfacing with pressure sensor board using Bluetooth
  • Custom Android virtual keyboard
  • Modifying keyboard based on pressure unput


  • Android SDK
  • Java
  • Samsung Android Device
  • Prototype Pressure Sensors